What is E-Counseling?

The use of distance technology to facilitate communication for therapists and clients has become increasingly common over the past few years.

Online counseling is known as E-counseling, E-therapy, Teletherapy, Telebehavioral health, Telemental health, Cyber counseling or Online therapy. The fact that there are so many references with names that are not clear can be confusing.  Thus, references can refer to text messaging, email, telephone calls, chat rooms, and live video conversations.

On this site, the term E-counseling is used to refer to live, video conversations with Kristine using an encrypted platform to ensure your complete privacy. E-counseling brings with it nearly everything that an in-person session has, with the main difference being the connection is via video.

Kristine has been doing electronic online counseling for years and has developed the process to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of E-Counseling

Being able to communicate through a live video conversation enables you to talk from anywhere you can find a private space, such as your office, home or back yard. It reduces travel time to and from appointments, making it a convenient option accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Additionally, E-Counseling allows you to maintain necessary social distancing as it is important, and will continue to be, as our country and world are striving to understand and meet the challenges of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Because the online therapy session is held using video format, most of the nonverbal aspects of communication are still present. Speaking with a counselor online has been proven to be as effective as meeting in person.

Is E-Counseling for You?

While there are numerous benefits to meeting for counseling online, this option is not for everyone. It would not be for you if you are actively suicidal, in acute crisis or in psychosis.

You should also use a private internet connection, as you risk your confidentiality if you use public internet service. Reach out to discover if this is the best fit for you and your journey.

As a licensed therapist with private practice in DeLand, Florida and St. Joseph, Michigan the option of online counseling is available to anyone who lives in the states of Michigan and Florida.

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